Skylift (aerial platform)

CHENG FONG has operates aerial platform. The platform of skylift (aerial platform) are mobile units that raise people and materials to a designated height to provide a safe method of working at height. It is safe and more efficient alternative way to replace traditional methods of working at height. It is helps to moved quickly around the job site.

We offer different type of model and capacity for mobile aerial platform with different of height.

Bronto F72 HDT72
Bronto F62 HDT62
Bronto F5454
Aichi SC40040
Wumag WT30030
Aichi SK26026
Tadano AT270TG27
Tadano AT250TG25
Aichi SK24024
Tadano AT23023
Tadano AT22022
Aichi SK12512
Skylift (aerial platform)
Range of Height(M) : 72 – 12