CHENG FONG has operates lorry cranes. The platform lorry crane able to transport heavy hauls maximum 21 tonnes of capacity. The benefit of using lorry crane as compared to the on-site cranes is it able to travel on roads and highways. It will skip the need for another vehicle to transport it to the construction site. It help to save cost and time and increase the constriction workload.

We offer lorry cranes have the capacity of 21 tonnes.

Self-Loader Truck

CHENG FONG has operates Self-Loader Truck. The platform Self-Loader Truck is a vehicle carrier. It allows vehicles and heavy construction equipment to be loaded

We offer self-loader truck have the capacity of 20 tonnes.

Cargo Trailer – 2 axles

CHENG FONG has operates Cargo Trailer – 2 axles. The platform Cargo Trailer is a combination of a truck and semi-trailer. It is best way to transport anything is in a box. Boxes hold multiple items safely and are easy to stack and organize.

We offer Cargo Trailer – 2 axles have the capacity of 36 tonnes.

Low Loader – 2 & 3 & 4 axles

CHENG FONG has operates Low Loader – 2 & 3 & 4 axles. The platform Low Loader is a lorry with a low floor and no sides, for transporting heavy loads.

We offer Low Loader – 2 axles have the capacity of 36 tonnes. For Low Loader – 3 axles have the capacity of 50 tonnes. For Low Loader – 4 axles have the capacity of 60 tonnes.

Lorry Crane

Capacity(TONS) : 21

Self-Loader Truck

Capacity(TONS) : 20

Cargo Trailer (2 axles)

Capacity(TONS) : 36

Low Loader (2,3,4 axles)

Capacity(TONS) : 36,50,60