CHENG FONG has operates mobile cranes. The platform of mobile crane is a cable controlled crane mounted on crawlers or rubber-tired carries or hydraulic-powered crane with a telescoping boom mounted on truck-type carriers. Mobile cranes able to travel on the highway. It able to reach the desired spot is also another advantage point of this type of crane.

We offer different type of model and capacity for mobile crane with telescopic boom.

ModelCapacity (Tons)
Tando AR1600M160
Tadano TG1200M-1120
Kato NK80080
Sany STC600S60
Kato NK500E50
P & H T50045
Kato NK35035
P & H T25025
Kato NK200H20
P & H T20020


CHENG FONG has operates rough terrain crane. The platform of rough terrain crane is built on a body with four large rubber tires which able to climb over uneven ground and keep traction on difficult terrain. It is more compact than most other types of off-road cranes, which means that it able get into tighter spaces. The design provide stability for lifting operations and use by a hydraulic boom and hoist, rough terrain cranes are able to lift heavy loads to exceptional heights. It carries its own counterweight which makes for a quick set up and good for long-term projects.

We offer different type of model and capacity for rough terrain mobile crane.

ModelCapacity (Tons)
Tadano TR250M-525
Kobelco RK707


CHENG FONG has operates crawler crane. The platform of crawler crane is built which able to have lifting capacity. It also known as truck lattice boom crane. It’s stable and reliable to use. The crane is easy to transport and assemble for use at the site within the scope of the required lifting tasks to be carried out.

We offer one unit and the type of model which is P& H 9125TC with 127 tonnes capacity.

Mobile Crane

Capacity Range(TONS) : 20-160

Rough Terrain Crane

Capacity(TONS) : 7, 25

Crawler Crane

Capacity(TONS) : 127